Hi, I’m Tara. I’m a designer / writer / creative marketing pro in Indianapolis, Indiana. I used to be a middle school teacher, but journalism was always my first love. Getting my master’s in journalism opened a world of creative opportunities for me, from print & digital publication design to multimedia storytelling, narrative journalism, and marketing — so now I’m a gal who can do a little bit of everything! When I’m not working, I’m writing for my blog, hanging with my dog (Gretta), enjoying my cute little house, being obsessed with my nephews, trying to be funny on Twitter, or dancing by myself. Some organizations I support are Mission to Ukraine, Wide Awake, Human Rights Campaign, The Damien Center, and The Mom Bag.

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From beginning to end, Tara has been a privilege to work with. Her thoroughness, attention to detail, and clear communication skills allowed for the most positive experience. We have not only gained a new friendship, but a trusted and reliable extension of our team as well.

Corinna Splendoria
Century 21 Scheetz

When I decided to start my own business last year, I knew that I needed to find a talented designer to lead me through the process of creating a brand that reflected the mission and culture of my nutrition consulting start-up. Tara did just that — she is not only professional and reliably meets deadlines, she far exceeds what I thought was possible when it comes to making ordinary information into a beautiful and attention-grabbing piece. Tara has worked on all of my marketing material, which has been incredibly well-received. I cannot imagine using anyone else to help beautify and grow my small business!

Madison Weyreter
The Diet Doc Indy

Tara has been a dream to work with. From the beginning, she used her creative talent to help brainstorm potential company names, design, and give insight on different types of logos, and then continued to follow up with other design elements we need to market our company. Any time we have any design needs, Tara is the person we immediately go to because of complete satisfaction with past work she has created. 

Lydia Fox
Fox Behavior Group

Tara created stunning promotional materials for two successful campaigns for leadership at my law school. The designs were beautiful, professional, clean, and effectively communicated the message I was trying to convey. In a world where first impressions really matter, Tara has the incredible talent to make a message stick!

Rob Weyreter
IU McKinney School of Law, SBA

Hiring Tara Bender changed our organization’s ability to engage with those we were seeking to build relationships with. In a culture where people are bombarded with communication and advertising non-stop, it was important to put something together that would compel someone to respond. Tara’s work did that. It was original, artistically done, and garnered a reaction. 

John Balmat
Carmel Young Life