I’ve moved again!

Yep! I just started in my new position at a company here in Indianapolis called Capstone Benefits Group. I’ll be the Marketing & Design Coordinator for both of their sub-companies, Capstone Administrators and Compliancedashboard.

“But, Tara,” you say. “Do you even know anything about marketing?”

To be honest: not a whole lot at this point. That is to say that I don’t have any formal marketing education. But I’m up for the challenge and eager to learn how I can contribute to this small company’s marketing efforts.

I’m the only person in a creative position at Capstone, which I’m used to from my time at World Next Door. I always say that flying solo has pros and cons. The pros are that I have artistic freedom and a larger degree of autonomy when it comes to decision making. The cons are that I don’t have a design mentor (and in this case a marketing mentor) or anyone to bounce ideas off of.

I never thought I’d be working at a company that deals with group insurance trust administration or regulatory compliance software (have I lost you yet?), but I feel that this is where God has led me, and I can already tell that this is a great move for me.

I’m looking forward to revamping their brands and broadening the scope of their exposure!